Image submissions - Become a Babe and Botanicals 

Babes and Botanicals is always looking for new babes and your stories to expand the diversity and inclusion of representation provided. BaBs believes that representation matters as it helps creates spaces for everyone to thrive and live their best lives.

This is especially key for people who have a lack of representation which can make it difficult to see a place to exist and feel worthy in the world. This lack of visibility is generally a symptom of wider societal oppression and marginalisation. However increasing positive portrayals of identities rarely seen can not only help relieve internalised but also a wider spread stigma. 

Images submitted will be use to make authentic, celebratory artworks of the body helping people feel seen, uplifted and empowered. How you and your body experiences the world is important and it deserves to take up space!



BaBs particularly wants to hear from people who live in marginalised bodies and identities that do not have the representation they deserve and need. e.g. BIPOC, Disabled, Queer/LGBTQIA+, Fat/plus size, people with a visible difference or disfigurement, post surgery, skin conditions, older people and much more. 

Image Criteria: Nude, semi nude, or clothed images of you feeling yourself and living your best lives. Ideally images would include plants or flowers however these can be added into the artwork if not photo'd. These can be solo or group images. 

What do you get?

If BaBs makes any artwork from your likeness or images you have the option to receive a copy. BaBs will get in touch to arrange this. 


Please fill in the form below to submit your images and your stories. 

Image Submission Form

All images will be kept confidential and only the artwork produced and the information you have submitted will be shared. You can choose in the form how you would like or not like to be identified. Only asterisked fields are required. Responses to this form can be deleted or withdrawn at any time upon request, please email

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Would you like to be contacted to recieve a copy of any artwork created of your submitted images?

Thanks for submitting!

What happens next? 

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out the form and submit your images. I appreciate your vulnerability and trust you have put in me. I will only be in touch if I decide to use one of your images and if you have check the box indicating you would like to be contacted. The best place to see updates and examples of my work is Instagram.

Best wishes, 

Polly / Babes and Botanicals